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Friday, September 4, 2009



I am busy upgrading my soul…
With every day’s new updates,
Downloading good thoughts,
Saving in my memory…
And then uploading it for others…

Scanning my brains for viruses,
And cleaning up my drives for more space,
For something good which can change my life,
My mind and my taste,
And deleting malicious ones and waste,

But sometimes while surfing…
Some viruses attack me…
I get hanged up…
But…not too long…
I again restart with New energy and hopes,
Rescan my brains and more…

I am busy upgrading my soul,
Some files of my life are,
Hidden forever,
Some permanently deleted,
Some good ones show up on desktop,
And while using some got corrupted,
Some never supported me in my life,
And on some i regret for using cheats…

While surfing in my life…
I found many good programs,
Those trustworthy and true,
And those helped me in my life and thru,
Some of them i could never delete,
Coz those are ones, if lost will never again meet,
So keep mailing me my frnd…
You are amongst those good ones…

I am still busy upgrading my soul…
in a search of better,
And much more better…
I know 1 fine day my life wil be over…
And i may shut down forever…
And wil be of no use,

Hey but wait a second…

Then will be recycled and re transformed
And may reborn again with new hardwares,
And possibly better softwares..
But though the search will never end my friend,
It will go on and on…
And i will be still busy upgrading my soul…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

an angel call

: : An Angel Call : :

It was a breezy cold night,
holding my blanket very tight,

I was sitting on a bench, in a lonely park,
no one was there, & it was almost dark,

moon was smiling from up so high,
& stars were flirting him with a blinking eye,

the cool breeze pampered & touched my feet,
& that really smelled so sweet,

owls hooted and frogs cloaked,
soil so rich with moisture soaked,

Oh! amidst i got a call, felt like she had some worries,
she gave me the address, which i noted in a hurry,

“Oh! Doctor, please come very fast,
my love is very sick & breathing his very last,

I took my car out of the park,
& took a fleet in that dark,

she took me in his hut, as i stepped out of the car,
she told me to go in, and she stood afar,

Oh my goodness he was really very sick,
his head was burning, like baked hot brick,

I gave him some some medicines, & told him to rest,
& said “till dawn, you’ll be at your best”,

that poor fellow thanked me for all i did,
he had no one with him, except his six month kid,

“I would have really died, if you had not come”…
“Thank not me”, i said, but your wife- your beloved one,

But Doctor my love died six months ago,
there’s the picture on the wall of the girl you know!,

she delivered my child, but died in pain,
we tried to save her lots, but all efforts went in vain,

my legs went limp, for the picture on the wall,
’she was the same girl’, who had made me a call,

I stood motionless, for quite a little while,
but then my solemn face , was broken by a smile,

I still keep wondering ….
was it a dream, or what was that all???
or was that poor man’s LOVE…
who made an ANGEL CALL……